What Do Bail Bondsmen Do?


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Bail bondsmen provide services for defendants who are seeking to be released from jail. But what exactly are their day-to-day responsibilities? And how does someone hire a bail bondsman?

The first thing to understand is bail. When a person is charged with a crime, a judge may or may not assign a bail amount for them to pay to be released. This amount is like a security deposit. The defendant will be refunded the amount if they show up to the subsequent court dates.

The defendant can pay the bail themselves, or a loved on can post it for them. Another option is to hire a bail bondsmen. The defendant pays the bondsman a portion of the total bail amount, usually 10%, and the bondsman posts the rest of the bail in the form of a bond, or a promissory note.

Bail bondsmen don’t just pay bail. They also will check that the defendant is showing up to court dates and adhering to any parole requirements they were given. If the defendant breaches these requirements or doesn’t show up to court, the bail bondsman may arrest the defendant.

For more information on bail bondsmen and bails, check out the video above.


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