Are You Eligible For Medicare?


Are you curious about who qualifies for Medicare? Are you eligible for Medicare? Well, in this video, an expert will tell you who qualifies for Medicare and if you are one of those people.

It’s very important not to miss your initial enrollment time for Medicare. This is because you may be charged with fees until you do enroll for Medicare. When you turn 65, you are eligible for Medicare if you are a permanent United States citizen.

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Your Medicare enrollment is not dependent on your Social Security enrollment status. You can enroll in Social Security at age 62, but you can delay this until you are 70 years old. But, if you enroll for Social Security before age 65, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65 years old. This can be extremely beneficial and can help you make sure you are getting the proper care.

Wathc this entire video to learn all about Medicare enrollment from an expert and to learn the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. It’s best to learn about this before you get closer to the 65 years old, so you can be prepared for what’s to come.


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