How Cement is Made Before it Gets to a Cement Company


Have you ever pondered where cement comes from before it gets to the cement company? You can find out by watching this video.
Cement production does not begin until after the extraction and processing of raw materials. Limestone, slates, and a few different kinds of shale are the cement raw materials mined from quarries.

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When it is essential, blasting equipment also assists with the excavation process.
The excavated materials then find their way to a crushing plant for the subsequent phase in the process. Depending on the cement company, transporting the materials can be by railroad freight cars, trucks, ropeways, pipelines, or conveyor belts.
Preheating is the next stage after crushing and mixing. During this stage, the mixing of the powders together takes place. Preheating the mixture to approximately 900 degrees Celsius helps remove any impurities.
The next is the heating process, which entails subjecting the material to high temperatures of 1,500 degrees Celsius. The limestone begins to lose its carbonate structure when it is heated.

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