What Are Electricity Meters?


While every home has an electricity meter, not all homeowners know what electricity meters are or how they work. Keep reading to learn what electricity meters are and how they work.

Let’s start with what electricity meters are. An electricity meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, business, or electrically powered device.

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Why are electricity meters used? Electric utilities use electricity meters installed on customers’ property to measure the electrical energy delivered to their customers for billing purposes. This means any time you use your electricity, whether you turn on a light, plug in your phone, or throw some food in the microwave, your home’s electricity meter is recording your usage for the electric company to bill you.

In some areas, meters have a relay for demand response load shedding during peak load periods. The most common unit of measurement on the meter is a kilowatt-hour which is equal to the amount of energy used by a load of one kilowatt over a period of one hour.

To learn more about electricity meters and how they work, watch the video above!


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