Online Motorsports Will Get a Huge Upgrade With Forza Motorsport in 2023


Motorsports are a wonderful thing. They involve everything from race cars to snowmobiles. Motorsports don’t even have to be on land either. Some motorsports involve planes while others involve boats. Many major manufacturers get into motorsports as a way to promote their brand.

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They want all the best drivers driving their best engines. For example, Honda motorsports makes appearances in many events. While most of us will never get a chance to race professionally, there are plenty of ways to enjoy motorsports. For example, you could go out on an ATV or jet ski. Meanwhile, others experience motorsports from the comfort of their home. The new Forza Motorsport game just got announced and it looks incredible.

The new Forza Motorsport game boasts real-time ray tracing which is only available on high-end gaming PC’s and consoles. This means that different materials on cars reflect light in different ways and to different extents. It is truly incredible how much detail went into all the cars and environments. One track even has a river passing by one of the turns. Motorsports fans have a lot to look forward to in 2023.


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