Little-Known Facts About Asphalt Paving


If a person has ever driven on asphalt, they know it’s a smooth ride. But did they know that asphalt is made from oil? Asphalt paving services pave driveways, parking lots, and roadways. And the process of producing asphalt involves collecting raw materials from oil refineries and processing them into different types of asphalt.

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Watch the video below to learn more about this topic. Here are some little-known facts about asphalt paving:

  • Making asphalt can take up to four months to complete. The first step is extracting crude oil from the ground, which is then refined into various types of asphalt, such as a hot mix or a cold mix, depending on how contractors use it.
  • Today’s most common type of asphalt used in paving services is “hot mix.” This is because it’s heated during production to make it more malleable. It can be applied more readily to surfaces like driveways and parking lots by an experienced asphalt paving service crew specializing in this work.
  • The earliest known use for asphalt was during ancient Egypt, where people would use tar from oil refineries to waterproof boats so they could travel through water without worrying about getting wet! Please, call home for more details!


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