The Different Types of Industrial Air Compressors


If you are in the market for commercial or industrial air compressors, you may want to start by understanding your options! This video breaks down the different types of commercial air compressors and what they are used for in different situations and environments.

An industrial air compressor is for large applications that need constant airflow, as opposed to smaller application setting compressors. A rotary screw is a type of commercial air compressor that is meant for a continuous run without worrying about overheating.

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These are powered by two screws rotating in opposite directions to compress air along the grooves of the rotors.

Another type of industrial compressor is a scroll compressor. This uses two spiral-shaped scrolls to compress air without using oil. This can be a benefit in a situation where you need to avoid oil contaminations such as in a water treatment plant, brewery, or winery.

These two industrial air compressors are not the only ones available on the market, but both would be great choices given the correct setting! If you want to know a little bit more about compressors, how they function, and where to use them, watch the video or follow the links for more information!


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