Ultimate Guide to Creating a Three Stone Engagement Ring


The shape of an engagement ring is a very important part of its overall design. People have to select gems and stones that match, but they should also arrange them in a flattering way. There are lots of different popular three stone engagement rings. Some people choose tapered baguette rings, which have a full and solid appearance to them.

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Side stones sometimes have pear shapes, since they’ll complement the ring’s band effectively. The side stones also might have an oval or circular shape.

Other side stones are cut into a shape that resembles a half moon. The center stone of a ring like that will often have a more circular shape since the outer edge of the half moon stones will also be noticeably rounded. Popular side stones do not have to be round, however. Some customers want their rings to have side stones with a narrow triangular shape. The stone in the center of the ring will usually look just as angular when side stones like this are added. Diamonds and other stones can be cut into a wide variety of different shapes. While diamonds can be the center stones in three stone engagement rings, it’s also common to make them accent stones.


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