When Should You Get a New Roof for Your Home?


Do you know the signs of when it’s time to get a new roof for your home? You might be surprised just how many indicators there are for when this home improvement project is needed. To help you gain some clarity, we’ve highlighted eight different signs for when it’s time to research roofing services to hire: there are missing shingles, there’s a leak, your neighbors got a new roof, your warranty is expiring, your aesthetic goals have changed, there was a major storm, there are granules in the gutters, and you’re selling your home. Review this list below and contact professional roofers today to begin making these needed improvements.

There Are Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are an issue that anyone will be able to see when visiting your home. The absent construction material can ruin the overall attractiveness of your house, resulting in decreased curb appeal. While this factor might not be concerning at first, homeowners should be aware that this decreased curb appeal will lower property value, which might come back and be a big deal in the years to come. In addition to enhancing the looks of your home, shingles also protect against leaks. This ability is possible due to their waterproof sealing material made of asphalt. With this stated, missing shingles can result in extensive water damage to your interior walls and attic insulation. Lastly, shingles protect against the possibility of pest invasions. Accompanying the missing shingles is the threat of pests such as insects or mice invading, which can wreak havoc on the sanitation of your home. To prevent these numerous dangerous and sometimes costly issues, a replacement completed by a roofing business might be just the ticket. Roofing services to hire near you can help you determine if the missing shingles are already causing problems for your home and how urgent the roof replacement is.

There’s a Leak

Many factors might have caused a leak in your roof that requires the contact of roofing services to hire. First and foremost, the leak in your roof might have come from cracked flashing. The sealing for your flashing is prone to corroding, resulting in flashing exposure. The flashing damage will let weather elements, such as rain or extreme temperatures, into your home and create an unprotected living space. Another thing that can cause leaks in your roof is poor maintenance. Tasks such as moving large debris or scraping off excessive snow or ice when needed can make or break the integrity of your roof’s status. If it doesn’t receive this well-needed TLC, it shouldn’t be a shock if a leak soon presents itself and local roofing contractors need to replace the entire roof. Clogged gutters are another thing that causes roof leaks. Gutters can quickly become filled with debris, such as old leaves, sticks, and dust, which can clog the entire system and make water pool on your roof’s surface. This water accumulation will quickly develop into a roof leak that needs attention. With all of this considered, no matter where your leak comes from, it should be fixed. If left alone, the roof leak can lead to excessive moisture inside your home, which can encourage mold and mildew growth in the nooks and crannies of your home. This issue shouldn’t be ignored since this mold and mildew growth can result in health concerns such as severe allergies and asthma. In addition to fungi growth, excessive moisture can cause fire hazards that put your loved ones in a vulnerable situation. Lastly, roof leaks can result in higher energy bills, which will add up quickly during the months the issue is ignored.

Your Neighbors Got a New Roof

It might be time to speak with roofing services to hire if your neighbors have recently gotten a new roof. Especially if you live in a neighborhood that has homes built around the same time, it’s likely that your neighbor’s roof is around the same age as your own and has exposure to the same conditions. With this stated, your neighbor’s roof, and your own, might very well be replaced due to old age. But, concluding if a roof has outlived its lifespan will vary depending on the home. These differences are due to the different lifespans of certain materials. For example, a metal roof has a long lifespan of forty to seventy years, meaning it’ll likely only need to be replaced once for a homeowner. On the other hand, asphalt shingles, which are a popular choice for many homeowners, only last ten to thirty years. In light of this, it’s wise to call a roofer and have them inspect your home to see if your roofing materials suffer the consequences of old age. The professionals can come to your home and quickly assess which material your roof is made of and how long its lifespan truly is. If the roofing services conclude that your roofing material is the same as your neighbors, you may soon find yourself in the middle of an important roof replacement.

Your Warranty Is Expiring

The warranty that’s issued for your home’s roof will vary on many different factors. Additionally, the type of warranty that’s given to you can come with certain stipulations that you should be aware of. With this stated, there are primarily three warranties offered to homeowners. First, your roof might have a warranty from the manufacturer. This type of agreement covers the products that you’ve bought. With this sort of warranty, the cost of supplies is paid for if repairs or replacements are needed because of a material defect, but the cost of labor isn’t. Another warranty type that roofs oftentimes have are from the contractor, which covers all costs and guarantees quality workmanship. Your entire roof replacement is typically covered if the project is needed due to poor installation and technique with this warranty. Lastly, a roof might have a warranty coming from both the manufacturer of the products and the roofing services to hire. This might be the best warranty since you’ll have all your bases covered and optimal protection for if and when your roof needs work done to it. With all of this said, it’s essential that you fully understand what your warranty covers and what it applies to before scheduling your local roof install before it expires.

Your Aesthetic Goals Have Changed

With the coming and going of various design trends, it may come as no surprise if your home’s exterior appears outdated after some time. Your roof might seem outdated due to the colors, materials, or style of the roofing material. In light of this, contacting roofing services to hire might be best to update your home’s appearance and get it looking as updated as possible. If this seems like the right course of action for you and your home, it’s crucial to consider which roofing trends have been all the rave as of late. One of the more popular options is metal roofing. In addition to its durability and energy efficiency, this roofing material also looks attractive with its design options. For example, you can easily find metal roofing in popular colors such as copper brown, matte black, tan, and stone gray. These earthy tones will make your home appear up-to-date and as modern as possible. In addition to these traditional, classic colors, you can find bold options that make a statement in the design world, such as crimson red, slate blue, and burnt orange. Plus, metal roofing material also comes in various appealing styles. The standing seam style has flat, vertical ribs that look clean and lustrous. Another metal roofing style is the corrugated style. This is the more traditional metal shape with waving folds that create a cohesive appearance. Since this style is less experience, it’s a popular choice for many homeowners. A stone-coated metal roofing style is another option for metal roofs. This material looks textured with stone granules on its surface. Due to its natural solar reflecting abilities, this metal roofing style is best for those living in hot climates. Another roofing material that can quickly update the aesthetics of your home is clay tiles. With the scalloped shape and neutrals colors like tan and beige, clay tiles are the perfect update for many wanting to uplift their home’s appearance.

There Was a Major Storm

Depending on your location, there are various storms that your roof might endure. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, firestorm, blizzard, or dust storm, it’s essential to have roofing services to hire, inspect the surface for damages that requires a replacement. High winds, a common characteristic of many major storms, can potentially cause loose shingles, granule loss, and various damages to the fascia and soffit. Heat damage is another common issue after storms that causes the blistering of construction materials and buckled shingles. Another common factor in major storms is large hail. This weather condition can cause many issues, including granule loss, exposed fiberglass mats, weakened self-seal strips, and cracked shingles. Lastly, you might need roof repair services if there is debris that’s damaged the structural integrity of your home. Large tree branches and other objects flying around the area during a major storm can cause holes and leaks in your roof. This roof damage is a big issue that should be thoroughly examined as soon as possible by professional roofers.

There Are Granules in the Gutters

The granules on your roof are a component of the shingle material. To put it simply, the granules are the exterior coating of the shingles that act as a sort of extra layer of protection for the roof. With its small bits of hard rock made of basalt, granite, or volcanic lava, the granules are always a similar color to the shingles, and they’ll likely not get noticed unless they begin to fall off. While you can’t physically see the granules, they’re what create the attractive texture that boosts the aesthetic of the roofing material. In addition to protecting against extreme weather elements like hail and excessive precipitation, the granules also act as a shield against UV rays. More often than not, granule loss is due to the normal wear and tear that roofs endure throughout their lifespan. As the shingles age, they’ll disintegrate and cause the small pebble-like materials to fall into your gutters. While tile roof repairs are wise to alleviate the issue, local roofers will likely be needed to ensure your home is fully protected from external elements. Once the roof replacement is complete, you’ll have a completely new roof surface that’ll give your home optimal protection from all outdoor elements that can be damaging. With all of this considered, looking into roofing services to hire as soon as you see granules in the gutters is a must.

You’re Selling Your Home

To better your chances of having a quick sale, looking up roofing services to hire as soon as possible is wise. A new roof will increase the interest in your home for various reasons. First, the new roof will enhance the curb appeal of your home and property. Once house hunters arrive, they’ll see the new constriction material and be intrigued by the beautiful work done by the roofing company. Additionally, a new roof will give potential home buyers peace of mind that the house is as protected as possible before diving in and making the purchase. The increased energy efficiency is another positive aspect of a new roof installation. The materials will decrease the chances of valuable cool and warm air made by the HVAC system escaping your home. In addition to being more environmentally conscious, the increased energy efficiency will decrease energy bills. Plus, a new roof will let onlookers understand that there is less maintenance needed once the home is theirs. For example, homebuyers won’t have to fret about making repairs for missing shingles or loosened screws just after they made the purchase.

After reviewing this list above, you can now understand what factors should be considered when debating if it’s time to get a new roof for your home. If you believe this project is needed, contact roofing services to hire today. Once contacting these professionals, you can also begin exploring when you’ll be scheduling the replacement and which materials are most appropriate for your location and budget.

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