Cooling Tower How Does it Work?


In this video, you will learn the functions of a cooling tower. Cooling towers are used for reusing water. The water is pumped into the tower.

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Hot water is pumped in to be cooled and then reused. The hot water is spread out over a greater surface area using a device known as the “fill.” The fill is usually made from plastic or wooden slats and is used to direct the flow. Cool air overcomes the fill, which then leads to evaporation.

Evaporation is the most important part of the entire process. It accounts for the majority of the heat transfer and is absolutely critical. This evaporation forces the heat to exit the tower, which leads to the cooling of the water. Surrounding wind velocity, as well as humidity, affect the evaporation process. This cooler water is then used again after being pumped back into the system. Cooling towers are only one small part of a larger cooling system.


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