The Most Common Types of Auto Collisions


Car collisions happen unfortunately, but there are some things you can do to try to prevent certain accidents from happening. Keep reading to learn about the three most common types of auto collisions and how you can avoid them.

#1 – Left hand turn with no green arrow. Sometimes left-turn arrows are solid green circles or solid green arrows.

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The person with the arrow has the right of way, meaning if you have a circle, you must yield to the right of way.

# 2 – Pedestrians and Bikers traveling against traffic. When you are making a turn, you are more worried about other cars on the road, we often forget to look for pedestrians or bikers. Since they go against traffic, you’ll want to make sure to look both ways before making a turn to avoid hitting a pedestrian or biker.

# 3 – People trying to beat lights. People driving through intersections at the tail of a yellow light or even a red light cause t-bone collisions. To avoid this, make sure all cars are completely clear before entering the intersection, even if you have right of way.

Watch the video above to learn more!


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