The Cooling Tower Cleaning Process


If you’ve ever thought about starting a cooling tower cleaning business or just want to know how the process works, you should keep reading. The Youtube video “How to Clean a Cooling Tower” shows everything so you can understand what is needed and what happens during this washing service. Let’s find out more!

A good cooling tower cleaning service will send their employees earlier than they advertised because they believe that early is on time. Normally, these businesses conduct a job site survey to understand what kind of equipment they’ll need to complete the job.

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They prepare their trucks for their workday and unload them after arriving. All the employees will also be using the appropriate PPE, and then, they can begin.

First, they need to go to the water treatment controller and unplug the bleed valve. At the tower, they’ll add the prepared chemicals to the tower basin one by one. It’s important for these cleaning agents to circulate around the system and not sit at the bottom. This allows them to mix into the system and work properly.

Cooling tower cleaning is essential for keeping a tower running smoothly. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about cooling tower cleaning.


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