Is the Welding Industry as Profitable as it Seems?


If you’re looking for an industry to get into, you have probably heard that welding is one of the most profitable industries on the market today. With an intense demand for skilled welders, it is no wonder that several high school students are now pursuing trade school instead of tradition universities. With so many new projects being started and repairs being needed every single day, there is never a shortage of work for the welders of America. However, is this industry as profitable at it really seems? In this video, we will take a look at the statistics of welding jobs and what kind of salary you can expect should you become a professional welder.

First of all, most welders have at least a high school degree. Welding certificates are also good to have in the industry, and many employers will pay for their employee to take supplemental welding courses on the job. The average salary of a welder depends on which field they are in, but the overall average comes out to about $46,280 a year.

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In comparison with mechanics and HVAC techs, this is actually a bit lower. However, welders wages vary across states. Alaska is the state where welders get paid the most on average.


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