10 High End Renovations and How They’re Done


When it comes to renovations, homeowners have much discretion about what projects will bring them value and increase satisfaction. While sometimes the project involves simple tasks like replacing a window, fixing a faucet, or doing small repairs on the floor, at other times, a renovation is high end. High end renovations are typically expensive, take more time and increase the total home value.


For homeowners, the sky is the limit for high end renovations. They can change the look and functionality of the house with a remodel. However, there are some standard principles that guide how high end remodels are done. Here are 10 of the most popular high end remodels and how they’re done.


1. Deck Installation

One of the trending high end renovations is deck building. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired more people to spend time outdoors. Decks offer a beautiful outdoor space to entertain, spend time outdoors and even work. Materials will mostly determine the difference between high end decks and the normal range. Some varieties of wood offer room for high end custom designs, grain patterns, and curves. Composite materials are also popular.


Deluxe decks are usually constructed by expert designers with years of experience installing decks. The added expertise and networks with deck materials suppliers might mean more cost and value. However, high end decks are both eye-catching and functional. They last longer because of high-quality materials and expert labor.


How’s high end deck installation done? The first stage is always deck design. You choose your materials, size, and shape. In the next step, the deck contractor will prepare the site by clearing and building a substructure. That includes preparing the joints and connecting the pieces. In the third step, the contractor installs the deck depending on material use. The last step is finishing and inspection.


2. Roof Replacement


Sometimes, a new roof installation is not only a high end remodel; it’s a priority. If your roof has been in place for more than 20 years, a renovation would be timely. Small renovations on your roof might involve placing a patch or doing repairs where there’re leaks. However, a high end roof job requires a new approach where you can remove your roof and replace it with different materials and designs.


Some people opt to have high roof ceilings. Such a high end roof remodeling is complex and requires a qualified local roofer. It’d involve increasing the level of the roof and probably its size. Yet the resulting airflow, dramatic feel, and increased space would be worth it. High end renovations on your roof will give your home a sophisticated feel.


So, how do roofers do a high end roof renovation? They first inspect your roof to measure the size to calculate the needed materials. They’ll then remove old roofing materials to make space. If you need insulation or to increase the roof level, they can do it before installing new roofing. The final steps are inspection and clean-up. If you have appliances such as satellite dishes on the roof, the roofers will put them back in place.


3. Complete Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens top the list of the most popular and expensive high end renovations based on a survey by Home Advisor. The cost and complexity are a small price compared to the satisfaction of having a high end kitchen. After all, the kitchen is where most people spend family time. A high end kitchen remodel may include repainting kitchen walls or adding wallpaper, custom-making cabinets, redoing the floors, creating a kitchen island, adding custom granite countertops, and buying top-range kitchen appliances.


With a kitchen remodel, you can deconstruct everything and build it from scratch to match your preferences. You can add extra storage and working space, fix propane gas leaks, improve lighting, and change water fixtures. You’ll even get to recoup most of your invested amount if you opt to sell your house. Kitchen remodels have a high ROI, even with small upgrades.


A kitchen renovation will depend on your preferences, size, and the type of modifications you want. Working with a kitchen contractor is best, since they’ll coordinate with other contractors. However, as standard practice, they’ll deconstruct the kitchen and then make modifications as per plan. The process is similar to building a house, except on a mini-scale.


4. Bathroom Remodel


Right next to the kitchen remodels, on the top and most popular high end renovations, are bathroom remodels. Yet this isn’t a big surprise considering how much of a cultural symbol the bathroom is. Almost everyone dreams of entering the bathroom barefooted in a hot tub with a glass of wine and soaking in all the tranquility. That’s why a luxury renovation is a top dream for most homeowners.


Like kitchen remodels, the homeowner has much discretion about what to modify in the bathroom. The most obvious modifications include reworking the floor and walls, adding a hot bathtub, changing into infinity glass doors, adding storage, and increasing window space and lighting. However, designs vary significantly depending on preferences.


Depending on your needs, a bathroom remodel contractor will go through certain steps to give your bathroom a completely new look. They’ll start with a work-through of different designs and materials. Once you have settled on a design, the contractor will tear down the bathroom and begin construction. The last phase is finishing and inspection.


5. Build a Home Office

Building home offices is rapidly gaining traction in America, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are moving from the conventional 9-5 office job to working from home. Consequently, high end home office construction is on the rise. Since a home office is not like a commercial one, homeowners can match the office style with the overall home style.


In the past, additional space with a desk and table was all that qualified for a home office. However, homeowners want a dedicated room, high end furniture, natural lighting, and proper AC installation. High end home offices feature everything that can go right with a commercial office and then some. It’s not only a functional room, but can also improve the appearance and value of a home.


A seasoned home office contractor offers consultation services before the building begins the building process. They’ll work with you through different designs that could work for your space. Ideally, they might bring down a wall or half to increase natural lighting. Once construction is finished, they’ll work with an interior designer to match your furniture and finishing to a high end taste.


6. Build a Swimming Pool


For the longest time, swimming pools belong to high end renovations. In fact, the majority of American homes don’t own a swimming pool. While a swimming pool has a low return on interest (ROI), it can increase curb appeal and improve satisfaction for homeowners, especially in warm areas such as Phoenix and Tampa. Unlike a high end swimming pool project, a basic pool is in the comfort range of many homeowners.


A luxurious swimming pool delivers that luxury and vacation resort feel. It has a perimeter overflow or infinity edge, glowing fire pits, laminar jets, inground caves, lighting, and sound systems. Some luxury swimming pools even have custom-made underwater gyms. Some homeowners consider water well installation to have a regular water supply. Others may have internal lighting.


A luxury swimming pool contractor will begin the process with a consultation. The homeowner expresses ideas and preferences. The company will then make ground preparation then install the pool. They can add features such as decks, sun shades and decks, hot tubs, and sound systems. Most swimming pool installation companies offer after-sale support services such as maintenance.


7. Increasing Livable Space


Homeowners are also increasing livable space by redoing the floor plans. For example, one-story-house homeowners can opt to add another floor. Additions might also include converting basements into specialty rooms. Other homeowners add a sunroom. With increased interest in more natural lighting, a home addition may look like replacing stone walls with glass ones.


Homeowners opt for more livable space to match home traffic, increase functionality, or as a revenue source. For example, people expecting to live with their aging parents may need more livable and accessible space. High end home renovations rarely change a home’s style and feel, especially if you work with a qualified contractor.


Home additions vary by project. For example, converting a basement might involve specific work, such as engaging a heating contractor to install HVAC or repainting the walls. On the other hand, adding a second floor is a complex project that’ll attract different professionals to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure.


8. High End Landscaping

What says high end renovations like luxury landscaping? Manicured front lawns, minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic, and clean geometric lines, who’s on board? High end landscaping departs from conventional landscaping that relies on flora and fauna alone. It adds elements such as stone, wood, and gravel. Conventional landscaping involves plants in potted plants, but high end luxury landscaping involves placing plants in designated geometric patterns.


The luxury landscaping design doesn’t over-rely on the lawn as the centerpiece. Instead, it offers a framework for the other elements, such as wood and stone, to blend in to give a sophisticated and well-thought appearance. Succulents and scrubs are typical choices for flora, while stone tiles are highly functional but also give a clean, minimalistic look.


Like many high end projects, luxury landscaping depends on the style and current landscaping. The landscaping contractor will take a homeowner through two processes: design and construction. In the design phase, the homeowner settles on a design and materials, then the construction begins. The contractor may engage residential asphalt services to redo the driveway.


9. Upgrading the Garage


Garage upgrades are common, but luxury upgrades change the look and functionality of a garage. A high end upgrade might involve changing the whole interior and modifying the exterior. Exterior upgrades include repainting and drain cleaning. Interior upgrades are more elaborate and may include adding extra features such as car lifts, luxury décor, and repainting to give the showroom feel.


A regular garage has limited storage options, but a high end garage remodel allows for modification of storage capacity. Modern storage systems give a stylish finish while increasing functionality. Storage spots can be on the wall or in multipurpose cabinets. With the extra space in the garage, some homeowners set up gyms, workshops, or private spaces.


High end garage upgrades begin with a consultation. A contractor will walk the homeowner through different designs that could suit the space, and after the go-ahead, they begin construction. A luxury upgrade will also include an upgrade to the alarm system. The last step is finishing, which includes additional features such as a work area and sink.


10. Increasing and Upgrading Windows


Window replacements are gaining traction as one of the modern high end renovations. Homeowners want more natural light, and windows are adding more than functionality. They’re statement pieces that complete the luxury home feel. While window upgrades may seem like a smaller project, a luxury upgrade will need more resources and planning.


Large windows are the true mark of luxury, allowing plenty of light and giving a sophisticated finish to the home. They also come with a sliding option, allowing easy access to the exterior while improving the overall home appearance. Metal is also gaining popularity as a framing, as opposed to the conventional material – wood.


Luxury window installations are often similar to standard upgrades. The first stage is a consultation to agree on the design and type of materials. The project will not take long if an existing framework doesn’t need reworking. However, some windows, such as sliding glass, require a new framework.

For any homeowner, doing high end renovations can be a satisfying and creative process. You could pick multiple projects to give your home a different look. If you’re planning to resell your home, you’ll likely get a high return on investment from doing high end remodels. You must pick a project to redefine your house and improve functionality.

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