DIY Pool Renovation Regrets


For homeowners who purchase properties with damaged or neglected pools, proper maintenance is the only key to restoration. Many who attempt to handle the project themselves run into unexpected complications during the process due to their lack of understanding of everything needed for a fixed and functioning pool. Here are some DIY pool renovation regrets that occur when homeowners attempt restoration without the assistance of an experienced contractor.

The first regret that occurs during pool restoration is obtaining the wrong materials. One such example of this is people choosing titles that look good over the titles that actually fit the needs of the pool.

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When titling a curved spa wall, it’s important to have small titles on hand. Attempting to use larger titles and cutting them to fix the dimensions can result in improper sealing which can lead to the damage done to the surrounding areas.

Another common regret is the failure to replace the lights. For homeowners who want lights in their pool, the best time to install them is before handling any other renovation aspect around them. Address the lights as soon as possible for the best results.

For additional common DIY pool renovation regrets, please review the attached video.


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