How A Revegetation Service Works


Human beings have a greater capacity to control and benefit from the natural environment than any other type of creature. As such, we also have a great responsibility to care for the biomes we inhabit. One of the most effective and fruitful ways we can do this is through revegetation efforts. But what is a revegetation service? Be sure to watch to get an expert explanation of this important service, or read on to learn more.

Revegetation professionals do many things.

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One of their most important tasks is to nourish or replace damaged soil. Next, they work to remove or control invasive plant species that pose a threat to native plants. During and following the invasive species control phase, revegetation experts will keep and save native seeds and plant native seeds.

From there, they do their best to encourage native plant species to grow and flourish. In most cases, the conditions will already be ideal for native plants, and all that is really needed is mitigating the harm of invasive plant species. Fortunately, the folks at Southern Nevada Water Authority have created this helpful YouTube video to explain what revegetation service professionals do and how. .

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