Understanding Posting Bail


When accused of a crime, the United States allows citizens to go before a judge. The judge will set the price for bail, which when posted allows people to continue with their everyday lives. Understanding what happens when posting bail and the steps afterward can allow you to know whether it is the best decision for you.

Posting bail dates back to England, where the introduction of presenting evidence and witness in cases became the standard for determining the innocence of citizens. It was during the introduction that people learned that gathering the proper evidence can be highly time-consuming, and if a person accused of a crime was truly innocent they would be forced to sit in jail until the court determined that they were.

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This was highly disruptive to the daily lives of the innocent, such as the loss of income, employment, or housing. In order to combat these severe life changes, the courts created the system of posting bail to allow people accused of a crime to be able to continue living their lives beyond the cell. While it allows people to live beyond a jail cell, it is important to note that this does not excuse them from returning to court when the trial begins.

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