How to Safely Operate a Scissor Lift


Operating a scissor lift is a serious matter. Not just anyone can use or operate machinery of this kind. It’s important that anyone operating a scissor lift or similar type of machinery is over the age of 18 and is of sound mind and body.

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He/she should also be trained in the safety protocols of a scissor lift to protect his/herself and anyone else in the vicinity.

This quick but informative video provides good insight into the proper operation of a scissor lift. This is a good watch for anyone who wants a debriefing of scissor lift usage.

Remember that safety is and always should be the top priority when operating machinery or equipment like this. Any roughhousing should be quickly intervened and reprimanded. There is no space to fool around well handling heavy and dangerous equipment like this.

If you need further assistance with operating a scissor lift, you should consult a manual or operational guide or any other informational materials that came with the scissor lift.

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