Understanding Implicit Bias Training Solutions


Implicit biases are something that every person unconsciously has in their mind. This can be small or larger rationalizations about people or the world around you. Many companies try to train these biases out of their employees but are unsure of how to measure how well they have done. When trying to understand implicit bias training solutions, understanding why these are formed is a big portion of the problem.

The human mind takes in a lot of different stimuli throughout the day. These can be from people we see in person, online, on television, and so on.

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Through the processing of these different stimuli, the brain begins to form shortcuts in the mind in order to make the information easily accessible when reintroduced to the stimuli. Negative implicit biases relate to negative stereotypes associated with different types of people. Though not always clear when or how these negative connotations have formed, learning to see beyond these initial beliefs and expand your mind on what people can be is crucial to the advancement of ourselves. The less we allow ourselves to see through this initial belief, the better we treat others and the greater we see others.

For additional information about impact bias training solutions, please review the attached video.


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