Try These Tips to Nail a Trucking Interview!


Everybody knows that job interviews are nerve-wracking. Even if you are the most experienced and qualified individual for the position, showing that to the interviewer can be quite the undertaking. While many interviews start out on the phone, it can be hard to read a person’s dynamic from voice alone. If you are looking to get a truck driving job, you too will be subject to quite a few interviews. So, what questions will they ask you at your trucking interview? In this video, we will take a look at soe interviewing tips for when you are pursuing a job in trucking.

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First of all, ost employers are looking for an experienced driver with a clean record. If you have a history of on-time deliveries and a clean criminal and driving record, mention that. Set aside enough time for the interview, and don’t rush through questions. It’s okay to have small talk and a conversation with your interviewer! Work to research the company and find their values. Look to reflect these values in your answers. Finally, prepare your own questions to ask the interviewer. Common questions include starting shifts and pet policies.


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