This is How Glass is Made


Glass is a fascinating material. It is a solid that we can see right through. It is used in many of our everyday items. For example, it is used in smartphones, computers, televisions, glasses, and skyscrapers just to name a few.

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Yet, many people don’t really understand the process of making glass. It is harder to imagine how a glass object was made compared to how a stone or wood object was made. In this video, you will learn how glass is made.

The main ingredient in glass is sand. Sand is abundant. This is especially true in Egypt where we find some of the oldest glass artifacts. Though, we don’t know who originally invented glass. Glass workers start by dumping large quantities of pure sand into a furnace. This furnace heats up the sand until it becomes molten. Additional additives are added depending on the type of glass. Next, the molten sand is poured out onto a table where a machines spreads and smooths it out. From here, the glass can either be left as a perfectly flat sheet or it can be molded into other items.


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