Paint Rolling Tips


Are you considering putting a new coat of paint on a room? Maybe you built a new room and need to paint the wall for the first time. In this video, you will learn how to pick the right paint roller along with some painting tips.

Each and every paint roller is measured by nap length. This is the length if the bristles on the roller.

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There are different length bristles for different surfaces. Half inch bristles work well on smooth surfaces. The short bristles don’t provide any extra unwanted texture. Meanwhile, 3/8 inch bristles work well on semi-rough surfaces. The larger fibers are ideal for getting in textured indentations in the wall. Lastly, one inch bristles are great for painting walls with a lot of texture. A perfect example of this would be popcorn walls or ceilings. The long bristles are able to easily reach into the crevices and provide a clean paint as you roll the paint onto the wall.

When you begin painting, make sure to fully submerge the roller in the paint. This will make sure that the paint goes on evenly. Also make sure to start painting from the bottom up.


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