Roof Fixing Can Be Dangerous


Roof fixing can be a dangerous job. If you lose your footing, you could fall multiple stories. Professionals have procedures and techniques that lessen chance of injury.

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However, you likely don’t have this same training. Is it really worth attempting to fix a roof on your own? You could be risking serious injury or worse. In this video, you will see some dangerous situations and how the roofers dealt with them.

One roofer had a clever safety harness setup. He was harnessed to a wire which connect to the roof. This meant that he could only fall so far from the roof. The harness should catch him after falling only a few feet. However, this setup takes time to put in place. Many people don’t take the time to do this. However, roofers may also have special shoes that provide extra grip. They have also perfected their balance, working on roofs over time. Many of them can keep their balance even in strong winds. However, smart roofers will not work in extreme conditions. It is a danger to both them and the roof. Generally, roofs are covered and tied down during storms to keep exposed areas safe from the elements.


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