Gutter Installation Tips


The gutters on our homes play an important role in protecting us from water damage. Gutters can take the rainwater off the roof to an area that can better contain it. Gutter installation can be tricky, so you must know what you are doing ahead of time. In this article, we are going to review some gutter installation tips.

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When you are installing your gutters you need to make sure that they extend a little bit over the edge of the house. If the gutters do not extend over the edge of the house they will not collect all of the water that comes off the roof. This could be a cause of water damage in the long run.

The next tip that we are going to talk about has to do with the downspout. The downspout comes in a couple of different pieces that all interlock with each other. Make sure that the lower piece overlaps the upper piece of the downspout. If this is not the case, water will leak out of the spout.

Finally, when you are installing gutters you want to use a sealer on them. Gutters need to handle a great deal of water. If they are not sealed they will form leaks over time.


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