Beginner Plumbing Mistakes


Plumbing can certainly be a complicated matter. Most people don’t even attempt to fix more than the most basic issues. They are afraid they could make a mistake. It is true that there are many things that could go wrong. Instead, they call trusted plumbing contractors. However, many of these mistakes can also easily be avoided.

Video Source

If you are intent on fixing the plumbing yourself, watch this video to learn how to avoid beginner mistakes.

One of the most common beginner tips is take the torch and soldering directly under the pipe. This may not seem like an issue at first, however, it can cause some serious problems. For example, extra solder can drip down onto the torch. This can then harden on the torch and render it unusable. This may mean that you have to put your project on pause and spend even more money and time on finding and buying a new torch. To avoid this potential issue, make sure you are not using too much solder to keep it from dripping. Also solder the bottom from a slight angle so that any potential drips do not land on the torch head.


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