When to Sealcoat Asphalt Pavement


This video is to inform viewers about asphalt seal coating and the process of putting down the pavement. Asphalt is used in many different things but the most common thing it is used in is streets and parking lots. Many cars drive over the asphalt so it is important to keep in mind that asphalt deteriorates.

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If the asphalt is not regularly maintained and is left untreated, it will deteriorate, leaving many cracks in the pavement which is often seen in through city streets. Asphalt may deteriorate due to UV ray exposure, moisture penetrating the pavement like rain and snow, which often happens in the spring and more so in the winter with large snowstorms, and even chemicals falling on top of the pavement from motor vehicles like gas and salt.

All of this can cause asphalt to go from a new seal coating on a street to a rapid decline over time depending on where you are located. It goes from a fresh, black appearance to a grey and cracked appearance over time, which can be stressful on cars when the asphalt deteriorates so much that it turns into large holes or potholes. Watch this video to learn more about asphalt seal coating.


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