Making Money From Waste Removal


Are you looking for a side hustle to get some extra money? Or are you looking to completely change career paths? Maybe you are sick of working your office 9-5 and are ready to be the master of your own destiny, managing your own company and making your own money. Perhaps you want to work with your hands and are tired of sitting all day.

If any of those things appeal to you, you might want to look into the career path of waste removal professionals. In this video, you will learn how.

Video Source

The man in this video recommends utilizing online tools to market your business in order to begin your day. Post some advertisements on Facebook and Craiglist, and help get your name out there. You might score a client just off that for later in the day.

Two of his major tips are to upsell and resell. When you are at a job, give your customer a higher estimate than you actually expect and be ready to barter. If you start at a higher price and they ask you to come down a little, then you should be sitting at a better number. You should also pay attention on the job and take home items that you can resell online.

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