Tips for Pouring a Commercial Concrete Driveway


Pouring commercial concrete in your driveway is better left to the professionals. However, if you plan on doing it yourself to save money and time, here are the steps to pour commercial concrete into your driveway; it stays perfect for years to come.

Step 1: When all you have to do is pour the concrete as the contractor has already layered out everything, you first want to pour the concrete onto the driveway. Pour the commercial concrete until they reach the top edge.

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Step 2: Use rakes, shovels, and “come alongs” to spread the concrete and ensure no dead spots are left behind. Always ensure you are not leaving any air pockets and empty holes behind.

Step 3: To screed the top layer of the concrete, use a wooden board or a large metal. Screeding the top layer of the commercial concrete once it is poured helps integrate all the mixture that aids in consolidating and solidifying the concrete.

Step 4: The next step is troweling the concrete surface. Before trowel, ensure that the concrete is slightly cured for you to make your finishes with a steel trowel finish for a smoother look.

Step 5: Finishing. Once troweling is done, the next step is the final finishing, in which you will use a broom to run through the surface of the concrete to achieve that rough finish present in most concrete surfaces. Once done, the curing starts.


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