Tips for Installing Chain Link Fence Slats


This YouTube video discusses the tips for installing chain link fence slats. These are the metal or plastic inserts that convert the barrier into a privacy fence.

1. Slide the locking channel across the fence’s bottom. Make sure the locking area is in the up position.

Video Source

2. Take the vertical slats and slide them through the chain links with the tapered end down. This is the part that goes into the locking channel. The slat is secured once you hear a click.

3. If you purchase a chain-link fence with a self-locking mechanism, then there’s no horizontal channel to install. Instead, the vertical slats are secured as they are moved through the links.

Overall, converting your chain link fence into a privacy fence should be an easy procedure. However, if you’re concerned about making mistakes, or you don’t have the time to complete the task, reach out to your local chain link fence contractors. They can provide an estimate of the time and installation costs to complete the activity.

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