Everything You Need to Know About Commercial and Residential Electricians


One of the up-and-coming jobs for 2022 is becoming an electrician. Whether it be commercial electricians or residential electricians, both of these jobs are in high demand and their industry is changing by the day. These contractors have to stay up to date on all the new technology that comes out, and how to connect them to a power source.

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Without electricians, the world would go dark.

But, which job is better and which job is meant for you? Well, in this video we learn the different jobs that a residential and commercial electrician must do. Residential electricians are the people you call when your power is out or your light keeps burning out. These workers stay around houses all day and fix common problems to entire transformers going dark.

Commercial electricians have to deal with an entire building’s electric grid which is far greater than that of a residential electrician. These problems are much more complex and require even greater attention to detail. If a part of the building loses power, that usually means the whole building has lost power and a commercial electrician is needed.

Even though these jobs may seem similar because of their name, they are drastically different, and if you want to learn more then watch the video!

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