What You Need to Know Before Calling a Roofer


Any roofer will tell you that roofing is not as simple as it used to be even twenty years ago. There are so many new option for roofing. For example, there are new synthetic rubber roofs.

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These roofs can be made in different patterns to mimic shingles, metal, or even cedar. However, the question remains. Do you choose a newer roof option such as rubber, or do you choose a traditional option such as clay or asphalt shingles? In this video, you will see each type of roof compared and contrasted to give you insight on which roof is the best fit for you.

A question that many people have about roofs are how long they will last. If you are paying good money for a roof, you want it to last a good long while. A great option is metal or clay. They have been known to last around 60 years. Further, newer roof types such as rubber are also expected to last that long. However, rubber has not been around long enough to know from experience. Even so, rigorous testing suggests it will last this long or even longer.


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