Demonstration to Performing an HVAC Inspection


To ensure your HVAC is operational all the time, perform regular maintenance on your unit. Here are simple steps to performing effective HVAC inspection. If you’re using a split HVAC system, it means that one of the components is in the house at an air handler or furnace, and the condenser and compressor are located outside.

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All these components needs to be inspected and check for failure.

HVAC InspectionConsider doing a comprehensive HVAC inspections to ensure proper assessment of the equipment, how the system works, and any recommendations for repairs. HVAC inspections also important for homeowners who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Items Included in the Inspection of HVACS

  • Do a thermostat test
  • to see if it’s there is a problem break in one of the wires leading to the thermostat.

  • Conduct air filter inspection
  • to determine if there are dirty clogging the system. Remove any dirt or dust from the interior of the unit.

  • Clean and repair fins
  • in order to keep the airflow efficient throughout the year. Use a butter knife to straighten the fins.

  • Assess equipment condition
  • As a rule of thumb, keep at least 3 inches between your external unit and any object around the house. Cover the unit during winter but check for vermin during off months.


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