An Ultimate Minecraft Server Build Guide


Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world. With the level of freedom and creativity that it provides, it’s only natural for gamers to want to play on hosted servers in order to expand upon creativity and play to the fullest potential of its freedom. A Minecraft dedicated server is the best way to do this, and gamers can go DIY by building a server themselves or they can pay for a hosting service. In this video, you will learn about what goes into building the best and ultimate Minecraft server.

Video Source

This ultimate build is expensive and powerful. It’s designed to host multiple Minecraft servers and it is dedicated to this purpose. It uses two top-of-the-line CPUs and two motherboards. The video breaks down each component of the build, including their specifications and why they were chosen. In order to put these components together, a custom chassis had to be built. In a second video, you will get to watch the build get water-cooled and overclocked.


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