Why Vehicle Safety Ratings are Misleading


If you have been in a car crash that resulted in the totaling of your car, it may only be good for auto salvage. However, the most important thing is that you are safe. You see, vehicles are designed to crumple around you to absorb the force of the collision.

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This is intended to keep you safe. Even so, while vehicles are certainly safer than they were in the past, safety ratings may be misleading. In this video, you will learn why vehicle safety ratings may be misleading.

The current method of testing is very thorough. They use a crash dummy to measure the force applied by different crash scenarios. However, while testing different scenarios, thy really only test one type of dummy. This dummy represents the typical adult male body. However, this introduces bias in the testing because more than half of drivers are female. Further, many Americans have body sizes that differ from the typical body size. In fact, Americans are 80% more likely to die in a car crash if they have a body mass index of over 30. Therefore, there are calls to create more varieties of dummies for more accurate testing.


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