When Was the Last Time That You Swiped a Card to Make a Payment

Application programming interface (API) is a platform that allows one person’s software program to be translated into another platform so that i can be used on multiple devices. Business applications like an accounting package sends a message to communicate with an electronic data interchange (EDI) communication.
For instance, if you are using the user interface, as in a keyboard, to talk to an program, there is also an progammatic interface that uses the API to talk to the application. Behind the scenes of many of the tasks that we complete every day is a API management system that allows us to seamlessly navigate many kinds of environments.
If this proceeding information sounds like a lot of industry specific jargon, that is an indicator of how API management processes work with app development firms to facilitate managed file transfers so flawlessly that most users are never even aware of these actions that are going Continue reading “When Was the Last Time That You Swiped a Card to Make a Payment”