When Was the Last Time That You Swiped a Card to Make a Payment


Application programming interface (API) is a platform that allows one person’s software program to be translated into another platform so that i can be used on multiple devices. Business applications like an accounting package sends a message to communicate with an electronic data interchange (EDI) communication.

For instance, if you are using the user interface, as in a keyboard, to talk to an program, there is also an progammatic interface that uses the API to talk to the application. Behind the scenes of many of the tasks that we complete every day is a API management system that allows us to seamlessly navigate many kinds of environments.

If this proceeding information sounds like a lot of industry specific jargon, that is an indicator of how API management processes work with app development firms to facilitate managed file transfers so flawlessly that most users are never even aware of these actions that are going on behind the scenes.

We Live in an Increasingly Technological Society Where System Integrations Are Essential
With the use of the most advanced API builders, systems engineers are able to create platforms that enable us to do our banking, manage our health care systems, and, basically, drive any and all electronic funds transfers. And while these systems and applications are complex and specific, the end user only sees them as card swipes and security code inputs.
Today’s systems engineers enable the world as we know it to run efficiently and effectively. These computer science engineers might work in small cubicles hidden from site of most of the world, but the programs they write and the software they design touches nearly every part of our lives. For this reason, there is a continued push to get people into the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. As the technology of today transitions into the lives of our future, it is often difficult to predict what changes will occur. When you realize that in just a generation we have become a nation of people of all ages attached to our technology you begin to realize that the future may shift in ways that we cannot as of yet even imagine.

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