Housing Experts Say These are the Best Ways to Increase Your Home Value


If there’s one place people yearn for after a hard day’s work, that place is home. It’s a safe space where you get to reunite with loved ones. It’s called “your home” because it’s your haven where everything is synchronized to ensure your happiness and comfort. It’s where your family lives, and memories are made, sometimes in the kitchen, around the fireplace, or outside on the patio or deck.

A home is a comfortable haven where you live, flourish, and unwind with family and friends. It therefore makes sense to ensure it is in perfect condition all year round. According to housing experts, home improvements can boost its value, whether you want to renovate or sell it. Here are 13 ways to increase the value of your home:

1. New Fence

The best way to increase the value of your home is to invest in a good fence. If you’re looking for modern fencing options, housing experts recommend composite and vinyl as excellent selections because they’re both long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. However, depending on your budget and what you like, you can opt for traditional options such as wood, aluminum, decorative metal, and chain link.

The most important factors to consider when choosing a fence for your home are aesthetics and functionality. A well-designed fence must provide privacy, security, and noise reduction. It should be an enclosure where pets and children can safely run around without fear of harm. Your neighborhood and the materials you use should dictate the type of fence for your home.

By consulting professionals from reputable fence companies, their experience and expertise will help you determine high-quality materials best suited for your property and ensure it’s well-maintained. Preserving a secure fence increases your property’s value without a doubt, and the satisfaction of making the right choice is unmatched.

2. Garage Repairs

With time, garages wear out, necessitating a need to call in housing experts for repairs or replacement. It’s important to address repair issues early to improve your garage’s functionality. A well-maintained garage can increase your property value.

A clever way of improving your garage space is using shelves, adding a connecting door to your house, installing new lighting, a workbench, and air conditioning. Consider applying high-quality finishes to cabinets and flooring to enhance the functionality and appearance of your garage.

To ensure your garage is durable and long-lasting, consult experts in automatic garage door service. They know a thing or two about what makes garages unique. For instance, compared to old models, garages with modern features are secure, durable, and energy efficient. They’re also appealing to look at, which is a critical consideration for that positive first impression.

3. Cabinet Installation

What you need when comparing the different types of cabinets for your home is first to decide what you want. Depending on your budget, there are different options in the market. If unsure, let a professional cabinet designer help you. They’ll give you suggestions based on your taste and the effect you’re looking for. As you install new cabinets in the bathroom and kitchens, consider the taste of potential buyers as well. Most will be looking for visually appealing, high-quality custom cabinets that are functional and beautiful.

They offer luxury and functionality, making your home more desirable and valuable. Additionally, you can personalize them to your style, factoring your storage needs for a touch of perfection to your home. Cabinets are often made with higher-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity.

To make decisions that align with your preferences, consider your budget, style, material, functionality, and size. Cabinets can increase the value of your home and add a unique touch to your space.

4. Fresh Water

Water well drilling offers several advantages. First, it provides a reliable and readily available source of fresh water for you and your family. Second, since groundwater is naturally filtered, it tastes better. Third, it helps reduce your monthly water bills because city water includes taxes and fees while drilling a well is a one-time investment. Lastly, housing experts have realized that having a private well saves time and is attractive to potential buyers as it enhances the property’s value due to its eco-friendly and sustainable aspects.

5. Landscape Cleaning

Your home can attract potential buyers through decor and pleasant esthetics. Plant trees, flowers, and vegetables to add privacy and color to your lawn. Add interesting landscape lighting to improve your home’s security, increase its value, and enhance its overall appearance.

Lastly, it’s important to regularly maintain your property by pruning and brush clearing to keep it looking beautiful and presentable. Potential buyers often look for well-maintained properties to avoid safety hazards for their families and reduce expenses once they move in.

6. Counter Installation

New countertops give your home a polished, modern appearance that instantly increases its value in the market. According to housing experts, potential buyers quickly notice the bathroom and the kitchen once they enter a listed home. It, therefore, makes sense to replace the countertops before putting up your house for sale, especially if they’re damaged or jaded.

Besides increasing the value of your home, well-designed and durable countertops make your home look beautiful and appealing, something potential homebuyers won’t fail to notice. Other factors that make your home appealing to buyers are current trends in your area. If the trend is towards traditional, rustic homes, make sure your countertops look the part. If it’s towards modern homes, go for what’s trending.

Consider hiring skilled countertop contractors for perfect and durable counters. Granite, for instance, is popular for its long-lasting qualities, impressive patterns, and strength. As you upgrade the countertops in the bathroom or kitchen, the value of your home will likewise increase, making this a great return on your investment.

7. Landscape Design

Landscape design goes beyond visual appeal but effectively maximizes your yard space and gives your property a refreshing look while enhancing its curb appeal. If you desire privacy, natural fences such as trees can create a barrier between you and your neighbors.

Moreover, placing trees in strategic locations can provide shade to your home, reduce the need for air conditioning, and block cold winds during winter, thus lowering your energy bills. For best results, work with lawn services professionals with experience in landscape design and maintenance. Adding a patio to your space is a great idea to add another functional dining and entertainment area. Housing experts believe that a well-planned landscape design can significantly increase the value of your property.

8. Outdoor Living

Upgrading the outdoor area enhances the look of your property and provides recreational benefits. For instance, adding an outdoor fire pit is an ingenious way of adding value to a shared space, where your family can create enduring memories as they gather around to roast marshmallows.

However, some upgrades, like swimming pools, may not necessarily be the best way to get a return on your investment, and the extra cost could make your property less appealing to prospective buyers because some people find it hazardous or hard to maintain. Other upgrades like a deck, new facades, doors, a backyard patio, and an outdoor kitchen can improve your home’s value and create more space for entertainment and relaxation.

To make an informed decision, consult local designers for their expert onion. For instance, the material’s quality and durability are crucial to installing a perfect hot tub. For a perfect job, contact local hot tub installers with experience and expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining tubs in your area. If done well, a hot tub can increase the value of your home.

9. Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning helps prevent costly repairs and maintain the value of your home. Conversely, neglecting your drainage system leads to clogs and unpleasant odors. By redirecting excess water away from your home, you prevent structural damage. Corroded pipes and water leaks can damage your floors and walls, resulting in avoidable costly repairs.

Start using a drain cleaner, flushing, and rinsing. If the problem persists, professionals can help with clogs, foul smells, noisy pipes, mold, and bacteria growth. To ensure efficient and effective drain cleaning, hire a drain cleaning service. Take care of your drainage system to increase the value of your home.

Housing experts recommend regular maintenance of pipes to reduce clogs and other major problems that potentially lower the home’s value. Keep the drains clean to ensure they do what they were meant to do: allow water to pass through.

10. Window Upgrades

Upgrading windows is a substantial undertaking. Windows add aesthetic value to your house. If you choose the right ones from the many varieties in the market or customize them to suit your style and preference, you’ll boost the value of your home.

Energy-efficient windows are among the most sought-after features by home buyers today. These windows are designed to control your home’s temperature. One of their features is a unique ability to regulate light and airflow into the house. What this means is, and housing experts agree, if your home has energy-efficient windows, you can turn off the AC occasionally to lower energy consumption.

Remember, a new window installation plays a significant role in complementing the functioning of your home. A beautiful exterior makes your home stand out from the rest, and if you combine beauty and function, the more likely you’ll find buyers faster. You’re also likely to sell it higher as buyers bid to live in it.

11. Renovate the Basement and Add a Few Extra Rooms

Invest in remodeling your basement to increase the value of your home. A nicely done basement is ideal for a family with a growing need for more space. Deal with leaks before starting renovations. Waterproofing is a relatively inexpensive solution for preventing damage to the foundation. It also checks the growth of mold.

Consider adding a bedroom and bathroom to improve the value of your home and appeal to more potential buyers. This is a great way to compete with newer homes on the market. Also, adding an office or guest room instantly appeals to prospective buyers.

12. Install Smart Home Features

Today, many home buyers prefer smart homes. Interconnecting devices through the internet allows them to control functions remotely using a mobile or a networked device. They can control cameras, lights, door locks, thermostats, and appliances.

Housing experts report that the high level of convenience of smart home living has increased the popularity of smart homes worldwide. The market is expected to grow rapidly, according to Statica.com. Besides, as AI takes root in all spheres of life, there’s a shift from conventional to automated living.

13. Fresh Paint and Professional Home Staging

Adding a fresh coat of paint is not easy. However, it can increase the value of your home significantly. It sets the tone and mood for the different rooms in your house and makes the exterior pop. To save money while increasing the value of your home, consider the size of your home, the cost of labor, how much paint you need, and the quality of competing listings in the neighborhood.

Hiring professional house painters is crucial because they come with experience, the right tools, and the equipment for painting hard-to-reach areas. Use neutral colors like white and cream, if possible, as they offer a wide range of what most homebuyers want. Besides, neutral colors are easy to customize to a client’s preferences.

The right paint color is an instant attraction, while the wrong one can turn off potential buyers. When home staging, housing experts aim to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. This is a great way to nudge them to make a quicker decision on the house. When staging your home, do it with the target buyer demographics in mind.

To increase the value of your home, several things are critical. These are the buyers’ preferences, the location, and the state of the real estate market at the time. You can increase the value of your home through renovations, remodeling, or replacement of some areas, such as roofs, or improving the landscape and hardscape is an excellent way to raise the value of your home. The good thing is that real estate experts can guide you in this quest. You can also search online for trends and the best deals and go out of your way to make your home the most attractive.

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