Which Remediation Equipment is Right for Your Project?


Are you trying to recover from a recent house fire? The destruction of such an event can be devastating. Trying to salvage as many household items as possible is one of your top priorities. The video offers great insight into the kind of remediation equipment offerings that can help you do so.

In a house fire, you can expect 55-65% of the damaged items to be hard content, such as crystals, china, appliances, wall and ceiling fixtures, figurines, and ceramics. You can recover most of these items by using an ultrasonic processing system.

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Without it, you will save fewer items. This remediation technology can help you save most electronic devices, such as computers, stereos, and big-screen televisions. Proper in-house washing equipment can recover soft contents such as furniture, handbags, and clothes.

Although the remediation phase of a house fire recovery can be emotional, it is important to think clearly about return-on-investment. The technology required to salvage your equipment can be costly, but it is effective enough to return it to its pre-fire state. This will save you from having to buy these items all over again. You now have enough information to decide which remediation equipment is right for your recovery project.


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