Understanding Cell and Gene Therapy Research


As technology and science continue to develop, so does the ability to combat disease. One treatment option whose functionality continues to expand is that of cell and gene therapy. With all the advancements that have occurred, it can be difficult to understand the basics surrounding the practice. Understanding cell and gene therapy research can help people understand its importance and the impact it has on the medical field.

Throughout the years, scientists have discovered the impact genes can have on fighting diseases. With this in mind, scientists have learned how to take genes and implant them in the cells of patients.

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The cells are then put back into the patient, which will continue to multiply once they have entered the bloodstream. The process has advanced to the point where patients may only need a single treatment in order to see results.

These advancements have had major impacts on counteracting diseases. Diseases like cancer, which attack the cells in the patients, become less capable of taking a person down due to the new genes implanted in their cells. While it is not a full cure at the moment, it’s a step in the right direction.

For additional information on cell and gene therapy research, please review the attached video.


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