Understanding the Fedex Money Back Guarantee


When shipping a package, there are expectations that both the shipper and the company shipping the package must understand. If the expectations are not met for the shipper, they may wish to attempt to receive a refund. When trying to understand the Fedex money back guarantee, it is important to note the rules in place that can impact whether or not the shipper is in fact entitled to receive their money back.

The first thing to understand is that the fedex money back guarantee has exceptions that will prevent the shipper from receiving a refund. The first exception is if the package was delivered without issue within the allotted timeframe.

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If the package arrives on time, they have done their job successfully. If it does not arrive on time, there are still exceptions that allow Fedex to keep the money. These include events such as strikes, extreme weather conditions, shipments with additional options such as requiring a signature, and a few others. Most of these imply that Fedex is out of control of whether or not the package has been successfully delivered on time and as such is not responsible for them arriving later than expected.

For additional information on the Fedex money back guarantee, please review the attached video.


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