X Reasons Cat Grooming is Important


In the first few minutes of the video, it is established that while cats do not really need a full immersive bath, they need the occasional brushing, cleaning ears, nail trimming, etc. A bath should only be given when necessary, such as when they go outside and roll on some oil or dirt.

Cat grooming, brushing specifically, is especially important for long-haired felines as they tend to form mats very close to their skin. This can be quite excruciating for them as their skin is like tissue paper, making even the slightest movements painful.

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Grooming is also important for newly adopted cats, as they tend to be covered with fleas, ticks, and motor oil, among other things. This is especially the case if it’s adopted off the street.

Cat grooming for hairless breeds is also essential. For example, a sphynx is unable to regulate its natural body oils due to the lack of fur. This can cause its pores to clog. For such cats, you will need to groom them every week or two.

The take from this video is that you do not need to give your cat a full bath, only do it in special circumstances.

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