Understanding Elevator Maintenance


For any area with a high volume of people, elevator maintenance is vital in ensuring a place does not become too overcrowded or inaccessible. Maintenance workers try to not only keep the machines operational, they also keep them in a good condition. When working on machines that have the biggest impact the little things make all the difference.

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When they begin a project, their focus starts with any machine that is not functioning properly. They start with the broken machines because they need to be able to give access to them back to the people in a timely manner to guarantee no space will become overcrowded.

From there, they will work on maintaining the elevators. This means checking that the doors are functioning properly, the light is working, and the elevator alarm is working. These are essential because in situations where the elevator stops moving people are able to get the help they need.

The next step is heading to the elevator motor room. From this room, maintenance workers are able to check the oil levels, the pumps, and the motors for the elevators in the area. The can also check the control board. If an elevator has an electrical issue, the control board may have an issue, such as a loose wire, that could be the cause.

For additional information about elevator maintenance, please review the attached video.


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