What Not to Do at a Gun Shop


There are a few things that you should NOT do at a gun shop. Most customers are great about how they behave in a shop that sells guns. Other customers need a little tutorial to learn how to act when they are visiting their local shop that sells firearms.

Video Source

This video provides information about how you should behave in a shop that sells firearms according to a shop owner. One of the biggest complaints about customers that come into a shop is that they often do not handle their weapons properly in a shop. For example, pulling a weapon out when you have questions about a weapon and pointing it at the clerk, then getting annoyed when you are asked if the gun is loaded.

Proper firearm handling is an absolute necessity no matter where you are but especially in a shop that sells firearms. Always ensure that your weapon is unloaded and there are no bullets in the chamber. Also please do not just randomly pull out your weapon without notifying the clerk that you are going to pull out your weapon and that it is unloaded.

Any time you walk into a gun shop keep your weapon unloaded. Watch the video now.

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