What Is Methadone Used For?


Methadone is a commonly known drug in the medical world, but many people outside the medical community are not aware of it. Keep reading to learn what methadone is and what it is used for.

Methodone is an opioid painkiller. It is used to treat addiction and it has been a less expensive treatment for four decades.

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It takes the body longer to process methadone, as much as six times longer than hydrocodone and three times longer than oxycontin. This makes it popular for preventing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings.

Methadone is slow-acting, which is a benefit but can also be dangerous if users take too much. When on methadone, your dosage should be carefully monitored by your physician or detox doctor. You should never take another type of narcotic while on methadone, and if you do you should be honest and upfront with your doctor.

You don’t need to visit a doctor in person to get a prescription for methadone. Many detox doctors do telemedicine or telehealth visits, so you can meet with your doctor from anywhere.

To learn more about methadone and its uses, watch the video above!


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