These Tree Cutting Accidents Could Kill You


Humans make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes these mistakes have dire consequences. When it comes to chopping down a large tree, you can not afford to make any mistakes. The small mistake can kill you. Maybe it is cutting the notch wrong and the tree falls towards you rather than away.

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Maybe the tree gets caught on a power line and comes crashing down. There are so many things that can go horribly wrong. Instead, contact a professional tree service to assist you. In this video, you will learn about the most common issues that arise when removing a tree and how to avoid these potentially deadly hazards.

Setback is a dangerous situation in which a tree falls backwards rather than forwards. This can cause serious injury. The best way to prevent this is to identify the lean of a tree and use wedges and a rope to guide the tree down properly. In general, it is all about the attention to details and making a plan ahead of time. You should identify an escape root any time you plan on taking down a tree. This route should be clear of any obstacles that could potentially trip you or slow you down.


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