Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking


Is your roof leaking? If so, you need to quickly take care of the issue before it gets worse. Give your local roofer a call immediately. There are many common reasons why roofs leak.

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In this video, you will learn about some of the most common reasons that contribute towards leaky roofs.

The most obvious problem is a hole in your roof. Normally, this occurs after a sever storm that knocks down a branch onto your roof. This branch normally punches a hole in the shingles that then lets water in. Don’t attempt to move the branch by yourself as this can be a a dangerous endeavor. Instead, leave this up to the roofing professionals.

You may also notice that your step flashing is missing. More likely, you are wondering what step flashing is. It is the material that connects your roof to non-roofing areas. For example, step flashing connects your siding to your roof. This could be the cause of your leak if it has become damaged. In fact, it may not have even been installed at all. Unfortunately, it is common for roofing companies to forget to install the step flashing. However, trusted companies will not likely forget.


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