Everything You Should Know About Web Server Hosting


If you have ever wondered what web server hosting is, Tony Messer has some great knowledge he would like to share. He knows a lot about this and wants to share the basics with us. Essentially, web hosting is the home of your website.

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A hosting service is what will host your website and keep it online. But, how does it work?

First, there has to be a server. A server is a powerful computer that is kept in a highly secure facility called a datacentre. The datacentre is what provides the necessary power and network connectivity to your server and website. Hosting a website is usually referred to in terms of Disk space and Bandwidth and Tony says it is usually measured in GigaBytes like 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth. This is very necessary information to know when you want to get into this type of field.

If you want to learn anything else about web server hosting, watch the video. Tony is an expert in this and can give you great tips and tricks on how you can start your own web hosting server. There is a lot of information to remember.


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