How Does Cremation Pre-Planning Work?


Do you prefer cremation to having a traditional funeral?

When the body is cremated, the remains will be burned to ash and buried. It could be interred into the columbarium, or kept by families in an urn, or perhaps, scattered. For you to consider your options and come up with the best choices for you and your family, it would be helpful to decide for yourself what you’d like your cremation to be.

By looking at the choices available, having a cremation pre planning professional would really be a great help. They will assist you and let you learn more about the process of cremation and every product you need in facilitating the cremation.

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Cremation Services to Know

A lot of people believe that choosing cremation means that you will not have a traditional funeral. That’s why a cremation pre planning professional will let you understand the types of services you would like around the cremation and prevent misconceptions about cremation.

In fact, the services will take place after the traditional funeral. You may also choose to have a direct cremation, which does not come with service beforehand, then the memorial service will follow at a later date.

However, if you also plan on burying the remains cremated, whether it be in a columbarium or cemetery, or any other location, you may still opt to choose that service. It’s called the graveside service.


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