Oriental Rug Restoration


Oriental rugs are popular rugs that you can find in many homes around the world. These rugs can be expensive so it’s important to understand what the restoration process looks like. In this article, we are going to talk about oriental rug restoration.

Before you start the oriental rug restoration process it’s important to know how to take proper care. When you get a new rug you should measure out the rug, as well as, the area that you are planning on putting it.

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Make sure that the rug will fit in the area that you want to use it and that there is nothing that will cause any damage to the rug.

Restoring an oriental rug takes a lot of experience, which makes it important to visit an expert if you need it done. The expert will take a look at the different areas that are damaged and pinpoint the areas that need focus. One way that they will fix the rug is by cutting out the area that is damaged. Once the damaged area is cut out, a new piece of the rug will be put in its place. This new area will not have any coloring and will seem out of place at first. After the new piece of the rug is in place, the expert will spend a lot of time coloring it to match up with the rest of the rug.


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