The Process Of Making Custom Power Cables


If you ever find yourself in need of replacing the cables that you use for your computer you don’t need to look for outside help. Making your own custom power cables is a process that doesn’t take long to figure out. When you first start making your cables you’re going to want to make sure that you measure out the length that you the cords to be, and it’s important to add five centimeters to that in case you make any kind of mistake.

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Once you have your wire cut to the correct length, you are going to cut the end of the wires. You want to make sure you cut around 4 millimeters from the end of the wire so that you have a small portion of the wire showing. The next part of the process involves crimping, in which you are going to take a wire plug and crimp it to the end of the wire where you just made a cut. In the final step of the process, you are going to take a wire sleeve and place it over your wire. Once you have the sleeve on the wire all you have to do is bind them together and you are good to go.


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